Admin Commands

Admin (LAN and internet games)

Command Description
ADMIN [command] performs the specified commands on the server
ADMINLOGIN [username password] logs the administrator onto the server using the specified password. see x-admin documentation for further informations.
ADMINLOGOUT logout for the admin
SAY #[message] Broadcasts the message to all players on the server
KICK [playername] kick the player with the given name from the server
KICKBAN [playername] kick and ban the player with the given name from the server
ADMIN MAP [mapname] example: Admin Map OBJ-Maui
admin setnextmap [mapname] set next map
admin endround ends the current round
admin switchteam [id] force a teamswitch on the player with the designated id

Local (offline) games only

Command Description
MAP [mapname] switches to a map
ADDBOTS [number] singleplayer only
KILLBOTS removes all bots from the game
PLAYERSONLY freezes/pauses the bots but the player can still move BEHINDVIEW 1 (changes to 3rd person view)
BEHINDVIEW 0 changes to 1st person view
SLOMO x sets the speed of the game to factor x (0.1 -> 1.0)