Client Commands

Command Description
OPEN [IP adress] connects to a specific server IP
DISCONNECT disconnects from current server
EXIT quits the game
QUIT quits the game
SETNAME [playername] well, changes your nick ingame 🙂
SETCLANTAG [MyTag] sets your clantag
SWITCHTEAM switch your team
SUICIDE commit suicide
SET INPUT (key) (cmd) binds a key to a command such as “set input L StatFPS”
SHOWALIASES shows a list of all defined aliases in the TOCUser.ini
SHOWBINDINGS shows a list of all defined keybindings in the TOCUser.ini
vote [PlayerID] votes the player with the given ID
votemap [OBJ-]Mapname[.to2] votes for the given map, [OBJ-] and [~.to2] are optional
givemoney [amount] drops the given amount of money