TO:Crossfire Version 1.9.6 and new TNC-Server

For those who are still busy playing at: The eagle has landed and you’ll get the long awaited update!

Here the changelog:
– Map: OBJ-Cold
– Map: OBJ-Exodus
– Map: OBJ-SlowWater

– Botpath on OBJ-OBJ-Drought][
– Botpath on OBJ-FacilityTWK
– Botpath on OBJ-Getaway][
– small code changes in background

Download Update 1.95b to 1.96:
Alternativ: (slow)

We would like to point out that TNC has a new server.
You can find these in the server list or manually at the following IP:

Your TO:Crossfire Team

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4 Responses to TO:Crossfire Version 1.9.6 and new TNC-Server

  1. wasnet says:

    THX, i’ll try it and the =DOC= Servers updated, nice to hear that there is someone still working on TO:C

  2. Doomsday_VIE says:

    Thank you very much!
    I will setup a server this week. Looking forward to the changes done!

  3. pebblez says:

    this game already was dead before it came out….. coulndt you just create tactical ops in the ut2k4 graphic engine???? 🙁

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